Online Gambling Guides

Wage requirements? RTP? Free Spins? Deposit Methods? What does it mean and why do these things matter?

All of us could do with a little help occasionally and while online gambling in Canada is widely appreciated by many, it is awfully confusing at times knowing where to begin and what to be aware of.

That is why we’ve created this manual section to supply some insight into online gambling pitfalls to consider and general tips and information on anything gambling related.

Newbie Guides

Beginner’s Guide — If you have never played before then a fantastic place to begin is our beginner’s guide that goes through a detailed procedure of how to register and play at a respectable casino.

Bonuses Guide — All online casinos offer you such tempting bonuses but are they legit? Surely they are not simply giving out free money, right? Read this manual for an explanation of how bonuses work and some bonuses are not as enticing as they make it out to be.

Payment Methods — In this guide, we detail why choosing the best way to finance your account may have a drastic influence on your iGaming experience.

Legality — Not so much a manual but if you are ever curious about the legal aspects of gambling online in Canada, read this article for more information.

Industry Review — In this guide, we explain the hierarchy and structure of how the online casino industry works from operators to software suppliers, to you the player.

Slot Guides

Probably the most popular sport to play online casinos, here are our favorite tips and tricks to look out for:

How to Play Slots Online — For beginners, we walk through the nitty-gritty of what all those flashing lights mean.

Top 6 Online Slot Hacks — Some helpful tips every slot enthusiast should make the most of.

What’s RTP or House Edge? — If you have played slots before I am confident you’ve heard of the expression RTP before but what’s it actually and does it really have that much of an effect on winnings?

How Significant are RTP and Volatility? — This report digs deeper into RTP and clarifies what Volatility means too and how these factor into winnings.

Top 10 Slots with the Maximum RTP — Speaking of RTP, here are the top 10 slots with the greatest RTP as of 2019

NetEnt Slots — One of the most entertaining slot software suppliers has come back to the Canadian industry.

Other Guides

Online Casino Personas — What is your gambling playstyle like? Are you wanting to play slots and benefit from high bonuses? Or do you prefer table games and are only looking for somewhere reputable to perform? Read this guide to find tips based on your playstyle.

Top 20 Most Famous Canadian Gamblers — Ever wondered who the top pros are in Canada? In this guide, we detail that the best of the best are.